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More Garden 'Beds' & Custom Work

Permaculture Classics 

These are two classic growing spaces that utilize all natural materials, some of which can be sourced on site.

Herb Spirals

rock her spiral.png

An herb spiral is an idea commonly implemented in permaculture gardens. It is a way of growing a wide range of herbs, each of which enjoys different moisture and light levels, in a relatively small area. It can be a great solution for small gardens and allotments as it can increase growing area and maximise the edge effect. It also looks attractive and mimics one of the patterns commonly found in nature.

The herb spiral itself can be made of anything- bricks, rocks, wood, varying sized bottles or cans...  We have found that stone, brick and wooden herb spirals last the longest and also look the best.  We can install both single and/or double spirals, with any length or width of the spiral (keeping in mind we want to 

maintain a roughly circular space for the spiral itself).  We generally build to a height of 2-3 feet, but exceptions can be made.  We can either plant in a selection of herbs & medicinal plants we source from our trusted suppliers, or we can guide you in choosing which species fair better at the 'top' versus the 'bottom'.  If interested, first fill out the Permaculture Classics Order Inquiry below to receive a projected estimate, and then we will send you a more detailed form to select your color and exact material preferences.


Progression of Herb Spiral

Round Stones
Natural Flat
stacked rock herb spiral.jpeg
Shaped Flat
brick herb spiral better.jpeg
wood herb spiral.jpeg

Click to enlarge

Double Herb Spiral



Hugel Mounds

hugel mound.png

Hügelkultur (the practice of building Hugel Mounds) is a horticultural technique where a mound constructed from decaying wood, debris and other compostable biomass plant materials, which is later (or immediately) planted as a raised bed


The advantages of a hugel bed are many, including:

  • The gradual decay of wood is a consistent source of long-term nutrients for the plants. A large bed might give out a constant supply of nutrients for 20 years (or even longer if you use only hardwoods). The composting wood also generates heat which should extend the growing season.

  • Soil aeration increases as those branches and logs break down... meaning the bed will be no till, long term.

  • The logs and branches act like a sponge. Rainwater is stored and then released during drier times. Actually you may never need to water your hugel bed again after the first year (except during long term droughts).

  • Sequesters carbon into the soil.

We prefer to use logs, branches and landscape-debris from on-site, but can bring those elements along with the additional soil, compost, mulch and other natural soil amendments.  To aid in preventing soil erosion, we plant every hugel mound with Dutch Clover, but we can plant in whatever low-growing & nitrogen-fixing species you prefer.  The size of the hugel mound is recommended to be be 3 ft wide, 6 ft long & 3 ft high - although we have built with much bigger and much smaller dimensions.  Note the height will decrease over time due to decomposition. If interested, first fill out the Permaculture Classics Order Inquiry below to receive a projected estimate, and then we will send you a more detailed form to work out exact material preferences.

Custom Work

We have built garden beds using massive metal sheathing pipes, designed outdoor pool bars with built in grape trellis systems to mimic mini-vineyards,  stacked fallen trees to create orchard forts, and created the largest Hugel Mound in the Southeast...  We are constantly surprised and inspired by our client's design desires and would love to hear what you have in mind.  Call or email us with what you have in mind!                                    762-500-3520  or  678-594-1115


Permaculture Classic Order Inquiry

This Inquiry is solely for the purposes of generating an estimate and verifying we can travel to you.  After receiving a general estimate, a more detailed form clarifying your preferences will be sent to determine the exact cost. 

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