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Ecological Landscaping

We do it all, the right way.  That means no harsh chemicals to pollute you and your plants, and intelligent use and placement of the methods and plants you'll enjoy.  Nature has a time for everything, and we try to optimize those times to do the things each season calls for, which ends up saving you money in the end!  We time our maintenance so that your landscape thrives, with the long term goal of making your landscape as low maintenance as possible. Our skill set is extremely diverse, but below gives a general overview of the services we provide.



& Clearing

We literally get to the root of the matter, and pull weeds by hand. THEN we employ further methods like rotting, torching, and light tilling (where appropriate). We can work in established gardens or clear a large area with the Bush Hog.

Green Garden


Whether it is by seed, transplant, a mature plant, a young tree or a large tree, we give your plant the best start in it's new home.  We also discuss specific irrigation needs for the species and can install or recommend irrigation methods if needed.



We build traditional terraces from landscaping stones as well as terraces built from materials on-site like rocks & mini-boulders, logs, and Applachian River Cane.  We have built on hillsides and also installed raised retaining platforms on more level ground. 




There are multiple ways to approach a flooding issue. We analyze the contour of the site and identify surfaces and vegetation that may be contributing to flooding.  It may require a french drain, but it may also be mitigated by installing a slow-soak swale or creating a riparian area.


Pruning & 

Tree Felling

Some trees, especially fruit trees, are very picky about what time of year they should be pruned.  An in order for a tree to produce beautiful flowers or delicious fruit, it need to be pruned properly to allow for light and balance.  Based on a site's conditions, we can fell trees and/or take down large limbs, and then chip the felled tree for free mulch!


Lawn Care

We mow, we seed, we weed-whack, and we install irrigation.  Lawns tend to be chemically intensive so we add compost and organic soil amendments as needed, as well as find the cultivar of grass that will best thrive in your lawn.  

livestock housing.jpg

Animal Structures & Systems

We build small structures for domestic livestock, and work with outside contractors for large barn builds to install water/feed systems, stall paneling and gates, etc...  We also specialize in setting up low-maintenance systems where the animals can thrive and you an get free animal labor in the garden.  A win-win.

Call or email us to see what we can do for you.  (Contact info below)

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