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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a way to set up systems with nature (and people) that aim for a balanced optimization of all parties' goals (including the plants/animals/landscape) by analyzing the nature & behavior of each element.  It is like an attempt at 'playing God', trying to design an ecosystem to meet human's needs (like food, protection, water management, etc...)  that also meets the needs of every individual environmental element as well.  While we will never outsmart God or Mother Nature, we can learn from the patterns that have been laid naturally before us and design those observation patterns into a functional design.  

perm symbol.png

We will consider the chicken 'element' here.  Most people who work with or around chickens consider a chicken to be used for a single purpose.

                  Chicken = meat

                  Chicken = eggs

                  Chicken = pet


However, those definitions do not encompass the true chicken!  Of course we can use chickens for friendship, meat AND eggs, but we can also use the chickens to clear our weeds, eliminate pests, fertilize the crops, and appropriately 'till' the earth.  The free labor we get from the chicken (pest control, fertilization, weed management, etc...) also makes the chickens happier and healthier, which also means healthier and tastier eggs and meat for you!   

In permaculture, we try to design a self-sufficient system that utilizes the natural inputs, outputs and behaviors of each element in such a way to optimally harmonize the needs & desires of people and the earth.  

perm chix connection.png

Another example of a permaculture approach to analysis are 'zones'.  The example here will be for someone who has 20+ acres and desires to grow crops, manage a few livestock animals, and interact with his/her property's wild, native abundance.


The placement of the elements is dependent on a human's natural behaviors.  People tend to spend the most time at their house, so the more frequently visited areas are located closer to the home and extend outwards.  It is somewhat like why driveways are located right next to a home.  It is obvious that it would not make sense to locate a driveway 300 yards away from the home, so why not do the same with all elements in system?  

Observation and integration of natural patterns of all elements in an environment ultimately lead to less work required to 'battle' undesired effects.  Bill Mollison, one of permaculture's founders, used the term 'lazy farming' for permacutlture.  We completely support making lazy farmers out of everyone!

perm zones.png


Imagine your paradise ... and we'll bring it to life


These three ethics are the empirical guidelines that influence everything we do: 

1. Care for the Earth

2. Care for the People

3. Return the Surplus


Thus, we are committed to customer satisfaction as one of our top priorities. If you want to learn more about how you can live in abundance, give us a call today.


Our AMAZING Farmers:

When not sourcing from our farm in Dillard, GA, we buy from our friends in Talullah, Hartwell, and all over Rabun County, GA

As well as Sylva and Otto, NC and farmers around the Southern AL- GA Border

More individualized profiles on each farmer when we can find an extra minute to do so!

Rob & Jesse

Robert and Jesse met in Rabun County and became close friends after having some turbulent experiences together and realizing their combined skills matched the needs of regenerative farm design, planning and installation.  Both are originally from Atlanta but lived most of their summers and weekends in the lakes and mountains of Rabun County, and individually decided to  leave the 'city life' and pursue their permaculture passions in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  After meeting and realizing their shared passion for farming and creating a better world, Eden Imagined was born and an amazing group of people have begun working with the company.  They continue to study and interact with the permaculture community by continually visiting farms, studying new materials and attending conferences across the country.


Robert is a certified Permaculture Designer from Geoff Lawton, one of the leading permaculture designer's in the world.  He has completed a number of projects around Georgia and continues to study permaculture with a growing interest in aquaculture and lake/pond system designs.  Having grown up with tractors and around construction, Robert is considered our BUILD director.


Jesse was certified in Permaculture by Harvey & Nancy Harman after spending a year on one of the first organic farms in the SouthEast, Sustenance Farms in Bear Creek, North Carolina.  In college she studied biology and engineering and after some unpleasant medical experiences, began questioning the conventional health & agricultural systems which led her to discover permaculture.  She has implemented designs from Decatur,GA to Oak Ridge,TN has experience in conventional landscaping and food processing and is considered our GROW director. 

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