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Additional Bounty Bed Products

We also offer additional products to increase and extend your 'bounty' to grow beautiful flowers or healthy produce (and fungi) year-round.  Depending on where you live and where you site your Bed, your Bounty Bed may encounter issues specific to your area like June Bugs, wild deer or experiene early frostgs, so we created natural solutions to deal with those problems.  Each Bounty Bed Additional Product  is handcrafted and customized to your chosen Bounty Bed model, and can be attached either before installation or added on afterwards.  Below are examples of what we have developed so far.  Please email us if interested or write a note on the Order Inquiry.


Cold Frames serve to protect plants from frost, extend the growing season, act as shade for delicate greens (not shown here) and, for some species, allows for winter crops!  Our Cold Frames are built to fit and match whichever custom or standard Bounty Bed model you select.  

deer cage.jpg

For some of us, especially those who travel or use a residence infrequently, deer can definitely be an issue.  We offer a 100% all-natural, sturdy and durable 'Deer Protection' cage that still allows for ample rain, sunlight and air flow.  Each cage is built to fit and match your Bounty Bed model. 

beetle cage protection.jpg

Anyone who has grown vegetables know the havoc beetles can wreak.  We make 'Beetle Protection' cages to fit and match your Bounty Bed. The mesh material used is the only fool-proof & chemical-free method we have found to protect against large beetles in mid-summer.

mushroom grow box.jpg

Every Bounty Bed has a North-facing side that does not receive much sunlight.  Why not use that space to grow shade-loving mushrooms?  Every box is built to fit and match your Bounty Bed and comes with the fungi & soil medium.

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