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When most people buy a garden bed, they buy a chore.

Bounty Bed allows all folk, from brand-new to expert gardeners, to grow a healthy, organic garden in a gorgeous, hand-crafted structure that does NOT require any daily, or even weekly, commitments!  Oh, and did we mention we deliver all of it - the soil, structure, even plants - to you?  Read the 'normal' garden vs. Bounty Bed comparison below to learn more.

Bounty Beds - Taking the 'chore' out of gardening


 'Normal' Garden Beds...


 1)   Level the Spot

level ground.jpeg

 2)   Stain/Seal/Finish the


stain seal finish wood.jpeg


 3)   Interpret the emoji-blueprint- 'non-human' assembly instructions

confusing assemlby.jpeg

 4)   Build entire structure (assuming no missing parts) & using tools on hand 

builder 2.jpeg


 5)   Pick up unknown number of heavy soil/sand/mulch/rock aggregate bags

loading soil.jpeg

 6)   Fill in bed with purchased bags & plant in most common species available at local Big Box (or preferably) nursery store. 

row of boring plants.jpeg


  • More-or-less permanent  once built and filled 

  • MUST be watered once or twice daily

  • Majority of beds are not 'easy-reach'; constant bending over, getting on knees or crouching required

  • Soil used must be made of different mediums depending on height of bed

  • Average 5 year lifetime

  • Structural design choices are boring (rectangles)

  • Choices for wood or stain types are extremely rare


A Bounty Bed

Pre-Built or Built by US On-Site

Delivered To You


Installed  Correctly

We level the structure on your desired location & verify it has enough sunlight throughout the year


Ready To Grow

All Soil/Rocks/Mulch & Even Plants Are Put in Place

  • YOU design each model to match your home or vision (or select one of our standard design options)

  • YOU choose how often you need to attend to your Bounty Bed

  • Have non-GMO, heirloom seeds & transplants, organic soil amendments & mulch delivered to you every season the week your local area calls for planting

  • 15 year MINIMUM lifetime

  • MOVE-ABLE! You don't have to destroy the garden if you want to change it's original location, or bring it with you to a new residence

  • EASY-REACH!  Every model designed to avoid cramped & sore backs

The Bounty Beds

Click on one of our original models below to learn more.




your own Bounty Bed to your liking by choosing different stains, sealants, wood types, 'Chore Levels', etc...  Click here to learn more about Customization's.

We also offer permanent, permaculture-based growing spaces.  Check out our More Beds & Garden Designs page to view these classic gardens.


Chore Level = Frequency of Required Watering/Irrigation 



5-15 minutes 1-2 times a day

(Same requirements as traditional garden beds)

-No Irrigation Infrastructure



Once-a-week or Bi-weekly

-Built In Wicking Irrigation

-Healthier plants from wicking effect



0. None. Nada.

-Built in Wicking AND Timed Overhead Irrigation

-Healthier plants from transplants AND from Seed

To learn more, visit our Customization's page and look for the 'Chore Level' section.


Original Bounty Bed Packages are described on each model's web page and are the tried-and-tested, classic builds that come 100% ready and fully loaded.  The price for each model's Original Bounty Bed Package can be found at the very bottom of each model's page.  To get an estimate of an Original Bounty Bed Package, visit the Order Inquiry page and select the Inquiry on the left.


For Custom Designed Bounty Beds, we can't list an official price.  We don't know the exact model(s) you have in mind and all the materials and options you like. By filling out the very brief Custom Design Order Inquiry, (on the right side of the page), we can give you an expected estimate within 5 business days. To get an initial idea of the range of prices for each model, visit the bottom of the page of the Bounty Bed model you're interested in and look for the 'Bare Bones' & 'Bells & Whistles' prices.  These terms try to encompass the low and high end of potential price points for each model.  See below:




BASIC STRUCTURE ONLY: No Stain, No Sealant, No Corner Moulding, No Soil, No Mulch, No Plants

                                          Wood Choice: Pressure - Treated Wood

Bells &


Golden Key

PRIME & FULLY LOADED: Stain, Sealant, Cast Iron Corner Moulding, Soil, Mulch, Plants

                              Wood Choice: Cypress or Cedar (depending on Model)      

If you are interested in purchasing a Bounty Bed,  fill out the order form on the specific Model's page or click here.  Feel free to call us         (762 - 500 - 3520) Monday - Saturday, 9:00AM - 6:00PM with any questions

What Makes a  Bounty Bed Different?



'I don't know how to garden.  Even if I did, where would I find the time? Or space?'

     Bounty Beds are non-permanent, so you don't have to destroy your lawn for a garden and can move the entire structure if you see fit.  They are self-contained, meaning you can put them on a patio, deck or driveway and you don't have to destroy lawn space for a garden.  They have AUTOMATED IRRIGATION - we have engineered plumbing for the bed so that all you need to do is hook it up to a garden hose and turn the water on.  That's all the watering maintenance needed.  Also, they are built to a height that allows them to be easy-reach, so adults don't suffer aching backs and are essentially children and family pet-proof. 


'So they are obviously convenient and don't require a daily, weekly, or even monthly commitment...But they sound super complicated to put together.'


They come completely assembled.  Almost every garden bed you order online requires assembly, and you hope like heck all the pieces show up, you have the tools to put them together, and let's not start interpreting  the (sometimes included) instruction/assembly manual!  Eden Imagined assembles the entire Bounty Bed off-site and delivers it to the exact area of placement you choose on your property.  We hook up your garden hose to irrigation, explain how it works, and explain the important elements of gardening as we plant your non-GMO, organic vegetable or ornamental seedlings into it.

Wait, you plant into the Bounty Bed? Does that mean it comes with soil, mulch and plants?  Does that cost extra?

Every Bounty Bed is installed on-site, but you can choose if you want us to add raised bed soil/sand/aggregate/etc... and it will be included in the confirmed estimate price.  You can choose to have the current season's vegetable seedlings or a diverse selection of the current season's flowering ornamental plants planted during the Bed's installtion.  Every other garden bed on the market requires you to purchase raised bed soil, sand, (organic) fertilizers, mulch, plants AND complicated irrigation set ups.  Our Bounty Bed eliminates the need for all the driving, the labor of lugging and filling traditional garden bed with heavy bags, and studying agricultural texts to ensure you pick out the proper plant placements, let alone finding regionally, local, non-GMO, organic plant seedlings!  Our Bounty Bed comes prepared 'turn-key ready'.

 What is the engineered plumbing for?

      Most garden beds rely on overhead irrigation, which is supposed to mimic rain.  However, as we all know, rain is more gentle than a garden hose-attached nozzle and usually lasts at least an hour, which is much longer than most people are willing to stand over one spot in a garden.  The alternative to use ugly soaker hoses (which deteriorate quickly) or sprinklers, which flood the rest of the area area around the intended garden target.  

     Bounty Beds use the 'wicking' effect.  The wicking effect is what one observes when you dip a paper napkin in water - the water, counter intuitively,  runs upwards.  Water is filled in a basin to a height that touches a wicking layer.  This layer is composed of wicking fabric.  The bottom layer absorbs the water and moves it upwards, against gravity, into the soil resting on top of the upper side of the wicking layer.  The water continues upwards to irrigate the plants.  The water level is constantly topped up due to our automated system, which allows constant contact of the water with the soil. 

     Plants can sense the presence of water, and because the water is below the root systems, they grow stronger and healthier root systems by constantly reaching downwards to the water.  Strong roots means strong, healthy, productive plants!  Essentially we are trying to recreate conditions plants evolved and thrived in long ago, when the earth had more topsoil and a larger underground water reservoir/lens/table. 

Engineered Garden Beds?  Sounds ugly...

     As we began our process of building Bounty Beds, the owners were shocked at the lack of aesthetically-pleasing garden bed designs.  The vast majority of garden beds for sale are still based on the basic rectangle.  The variations we encountered were either too small to be of any use, or were tacky designs and constructed with low quality materials.  We were so excited to design a beautiful AND functional garden bed so people can enjoy the viewing the structure just as much as the the flowers and produce.  All of the models are constructed to hide the irrigation plumbing but still allow access for once-a-year maintenance or check-ups. 

    Three of our models, the 'Bounty Bar', the 'Cinderella' & the 'El Dorado' are truly unique garden beds you will not find anywhere else.  The 'Bounty Boxes' are modular, meaning if one purchases multiple units, one can work differing layouts.  Example layouts are given under the 'Bounty Boxes' page.  The 'Magic Box' is intended for dwarf fruit tree guild, but can also be used in a modular way to create a fantastic, portable, mini-orchard. We have chosen to offer what we consider the best-looking garden bed 'showpieces' on the market, but we welcome any ideas from customers or budding artists!


So what else does a Bounty Bed do?

Depends on the model.  Check out each model to see what each unique Bounty Bed provides.  Some of the multi-functional components include seating, outdoor tool storage, cocktail 'crafting' bars, fountain effects and sun-dials.  We also

additional features that are custom built into or onto your selected Bounty Bed, like edible mushroom boxes, compost turners, beetle protection, cold frames, deer protection, decorative solar lighting and outdoor game racks & storage.  The possibilities are endless, and we are still testing out ideas, so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you would like to see incorporated.


But what about keeping up with the following season's plantings?  

       We offer four shipped deliveries of seedlings and seeds we grow on the week each individual customer's hardiness zone dictates planting (according to the customer's address).  Ornamental selections and edible selections are chosen according to the Bounty Bed model, according to the season, and selected using companion planting as well as corp rotation principles.  Additionally, (2) quantities of hay-straw mulch, as well as the required amount of organic compost/nutrient amendment (for each Bed) are included. 

        Every transplant seedling is grown from non-GMO, organic seeds with permaculture methods and non-chemical mediums & materials.  We try to source Southeastern heirloom seeds as much as possible, but sadly, many heritage varieties of our most common plants/vegetables are getting harder to find due to issues we will not discuss here.  We try to save all the seeds from the plants we grow on our company farm as much as we possibly can, and we encourage interested customers to do the same with their own seeds!

Anything else I need to know?

      For customers interested in vegetables, the Bounty Bed allows for harvesting the most nutritious, and also delicious, vegetables you can possibly find without sacrificing your current schedule.  This is because it is 100% organic and can be literally harvested moments before eating.  This means optimal nutrient content for better health and ideal flavor profiles for true culinary enjoyment.    

      Even though we encourage everyone to shop organic, many grocery stores have those items sitting on shelves or undergoing transport for weeks, which equates to nutrient loss.  Local, chemical-free farmer markets are a much better option, but can sometimes be difficult to attend. With a Bounty Bed, you can guarantee you and/or your family the freshest produce at all times and enjoy the experience of harvesting food grown at home.


Suggestions? Questions? Wondering? EmaiL US       

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