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Hiram Hollows

Our Hiram, GA client was more focused on aesthetics.  She desired convenient growing spaces in her backyard, which essentially consisted of a steep slope. Retaining walls were built to create spaces for easy-access annual plantings on the slope, and another retaining wall 'platform' was put in place with five Bounty Beds .  Goats, rabbits and chickens are kept in the backyard for eggs, fertilizer and land management.  Housing structures for the animals were built and a barn and pasture to allow the animals (and future donkeys!) more grazing is under way as I write this.  Sheet mulching was utilized for the garden area below the chickens and goats, so that nutrients from the animals naturally enrich the area below.  Although this initially was a backyard design, it can now also be considered a large property/farm design with the current addition of a barn and pasture land. 

Goat House
Animal Playground
Chicken Coop (check out the chandelier!)
The Bunny Hut
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