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M&M Menagerie Farms

This project was in Chickamauga, GA and the client wanted to create a self-sufficient farm that was low-maintenance.  We first observed a very hilly, rocky, dry property and identified some initial goals of  developing a food forest, a large kitchen garden capable of feeding a large family as well as potentially selling to local restaurants, and to set up easy animal husbandry systems for chickens, goats, cows and donkeys.  (Pigs are still being considered as well).  We ended up expanding a pond to increase on-site water storage, designing the food forest using a systems of swales and terraces, building a barn, setting up excellent property fencing to allow for rotational grazing but NOT allow for deer, and creating the most diverse growing spaces & structures to date.  Our clients worked hard alongside us during every install, and are now flying solo their first year running M&M Menagerie Farms.  This was a ton of fun and we can't wait to post pictures of it in ten years!

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