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Beauty & Health for Every Season

Making it even Easier...

We believe in growing heirloom, non-GMO vegetables and flowers.  This 'saves the seed', a seed which generations before us carefully selected after hundreds of years of 'testing' in our native geographical region.  Due to the introduction of engineered food, many of the most unique and enjoyable species of the Southeast are becoming extinct.  In order to keep this Southern heritage alive, two things are required; sourcing and growing.



After many years of testing different companies and cultivars, we have started to accumulate a list of the best producing vegetable varieties (or cultivars) and most beautiful ornamental plants that grow well in the Southeast.  It is very difficult to find local nurseries selling heirloom, non-GMO & chemical-free transplants.   We start our own transplants every year so this year we decided to start more than we desired to offer our Bounty Bed customers the same high caliber of plants for every season.  



Even if you farm for a living, remembering exactly when to start seeds for the upcoming season and exactly where each plant should be planted is difficult.  It requires different starting times and conditions for each plant, and a method of keeping track of each prior season's plantings so that you can place the upcoming season's transplants is the best position to ensure optimal growth and prevent soil pathogens or nutrient depletion.  We realized Eden Imagined could do that 'hard' part for our customers and just ship them everything required to maintain a beautiful and consistently healthy assortment of plants for EVERY season.

How it Works:

When you sign up for the Maintenance Contract, Eden Imagined will have a record of your Bounty Bed model(s) and your specific climatic locale.  We will also ask you a few questions about your plant species preferences, be it vegetable or ornamental.  Based on your specific locale & recorded preferences, we will ship you 8-12 week old transplants the exact week you need to plant them for your specific climatic zone.  The plants will be grown on our company site from heirloom, non-GMO seeds.  Organic soil amendment with instructions for how to apply and chemical-free mulch are included with every seasonal plant shipment.  A guide will visually show you where to physically transplant each plant, and have notes for initial care taking.  We send you texts to remind you of final planting dates and are always available to answer any questions.

By shipping you all the materials & items needed every season during the EXACT week you need to plant the seedlings into your Bounty Bed, the total time required to ensure a successful and truly bountiful garden bed is about 4-5 hours a year.  If desired, a customer can also sign up for 'gardening lessons'.  Every 1-2 weeks, we will send you a text or email reminding you to note some element of the plant's formation, or educate you on the different types of damage pathogens and pests can wreak, and other gardening wisdom tid-bits. 

You can sign up for the plan at the initial Bounty Bed purchase or afterwards.  All shipments are made using UPS, FedEx or the USPS specially packaged to protect the plants.

Seasonal Maintenance Plan Pricing for Edible and Ornamental Plants

 Bounty Bed Model

Bounty Box

Price for 4 Seasons (1 Year) Plant Assortment + Mulch + Soil Amendment


Each Additional Bounty Box


El Dorado




Bounty Bar


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